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  • Who are SMTnet visitors?
  • All industries involved in electronics manufacturing. Technical information seekers: Engineering personel responsible for assembly of printed circuit boards. Purchasing agents: site and factory floor management in the SMT & EMS sectors. Business segments: Contract manufacturers, EMS providers, OEMS and others related to PCB assembly field. See visitors statistics »
  • What is SMTnet geographical range
  • SMTnet is a worldwide electronics industry portal. The majority of visitors come from North America (45%), followed by Asia (27%), and Europe (23%). See visitors statistics »
  • How much does it cost to advertise on SMTnet
  • Depending on how intensively you want to promote your business, we have solutions for every budget. Fully featured packages start at only $97/month.
  • What type of ads are available on SMTnet and where are they located?
  • There are two type of ads available on SMTnet; text ads and graphic banner ads available in multiple sizes. All ads are in-obtrusively located around the current content. See ad specs »
  • How can I track my ads performance?
  • Your report page will include information of how many people have seen your ads, clickthrough numbers, and content statistics. The WHO Saw You feature will show you location and company affiliations of people that have clicked your ads and have visited your content posted on SMTnet (note: with WHO Saw You, you can also track visitors to your website!).

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Customer Testimonials

"We've been using SMTnet for years in order to gain new business opportunities and obtain feedback about our existing products/services.

SMTnet sends more visitors to our website than any other industry specific website!"

Marc Peo, President
Heller Industries, Inc.

"I pay close attention to how I spend my advertising dollars and we track everything. We found that our advertising on brought in 20 times our investment!".

Bob Wettermann, President, Best, Inc.

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